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Legal & Liability

Modifying remote control airplanes:

Custom RC Parts provides information and products that can be used to modify your airplane. Custom RC Parts assumes no liability for any modifications that are made to your plane(s) which cause damage to persons or property. Modifications to your plane(s) may not be recommended by the manufacturer and may result in damage to persons and property if not done correctly. Remote control planes can be very dangerous and should only be operated by or with the assistance of experienced pilots in an area approved for the operation of remote control planes. Any modifications to remote control planes are the end-users responsibility. The procedures available on this site are for reference only. Some parts are custom made and are not tested by Custom RC Parts.


All textual content, images, procedures, product concepts, product designs, etc. displayed on this site are subject to Intellectual Property Copyright Laws. Procedures can be downloaded for your personal use only. Modification, redistribution, copying these items is not allowed without the expressed written consent of Custom RC Parts. Under no circumstances may a product be copied. Similar products that copy the "design intent" of Custom RC Parts products is not allowed. Modifications to products that a consumer owns are acceptable.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us.