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Machining Services

Custom RC Parts offers custom machining services.

In most cases, your custom parts can be manufactured in less than a week. I have nearly 20 years designing, machining, assembling, and operating industrial robotics, material handling stations, fixturing and tool design. I've been making my own R/C parts for many years as well.

In addition to the parts I sell on this site, I manufacture parts for OEM's as well.


  • Doosan DMN500 Travel: X 40", Y 21", Z 20", 8000 RPM spindle, full flood coolant, 24 tool ATC
  • HAAS VF2 Travel: X 30", Y 16", Z 20", 8000 RPM spindle, full flood coolant, 20 tool ATC
  • 1 medium capacity manual lathe
  • Small powder coat shop
  • Tumbler
  • 2 manual drill presses
  • Horizontal ban saw
  • Vertical band saw
  • Over $20,000 in tooling, cutters, reamers, taps, etc.


  • MasterCam
  • Solidworks
  • SolidDesigner

There are no jobs that are too small!

Let me know how I can help!