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Design Philosophy

Design means different things to everyone. To some it is merely making something that meets the minimum requirements. At Custom RC Parts design means something more. A great design doesn't just happen by accident. It takes experience, insight, and a clear understanding of the desired results. Backed by over 15 years of robotic design experience, Custom RC Parts has all of the qualities necessary to create great designs.

A design starts with someone saying, "what if...?" For example, the Super Cub mount. There weren't any high quality mounts available before I created mine.

After an idea is born, it gets drawn in 3D software. Here are some pictures of the Super Cub Mount. The picture on the left is revision 1, and the one in the right is the current version.

After the 3D modeling is done, the part is virtually tested for strength using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Various, simulated forces are put on the part and the results analyzed. From this, the part can be optimized for weight and strength. Here is a picture of the Super Cub mount with a static force of 250 lbs applied perpendicular to the face where the motor mounts. The 4 fastener holes used to attach the mount to the plane are the restraint points. This, and several other FEA tests are done on every design to ensure the design is optimized for strength and weight.

When the part is finished being optimized a prototype is machined.

After machining a prototype (3 or 4 are usually made) they are tested. There usually isn't any trouble finding people to test them out for us! Custom RC Parts performs rigorous in-situ tests on pre-production mounts. After evaluating feedback about the performance, usability, durability, etc. changes are made. More prototypes may be machined and re-tested. Once all testing is finished a production run is machined.

Custom RC Parts uses Solid Works modeling software.