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About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting Custom RC Parts!

My name is Gary and I own and operate Custom RC Parts. My goal is to provide my customers with the highest quality motor mounts possible.

I've been into R/C planes on and off since the 80's flying mostly nitro balsa planes and helicopters. After a break from R/C I got back into it by buying a Hobbyzone Super Cub. That is still my favorite plane! After flying it for a few months I decided to upgrade it with an E-flite Park 480 motor. I designed a mount for it and it became a whole new plane! Some people at a local field saw it and suggested that I market them. That's how I started.

I started selling them on EBay, then expanded to include my own website. I supply mounts to various hobby shops all over the world and supply several manufacturers with OEM mounts.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by trade. I've been designing and building industrial robots for over 15 years. The combination of Engineering and R/C experience allows me to design and manufacture the highest quality mounts available.

Thanks again for visiting!