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ParkZone F-27C Stryker motor mount kit 28mm-30mm motors

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  • Model: A100005
  • Units in Stock: 8
  • Manufactured by: Custom RC Parts

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The robust Custom RC Parts 28mm motor mount will fit many 28-30mm inrunner and outrunner motors.

Mount kits include all the fasteners necessary to install the mount on a stock fuselage. Due the variety of motors that fit this mount, the fasteners to attach your motor to the mount are not included.

The mount brackets fit all Custom RC Parts Stryker motor mounts, so changing motors only requires a new mount.

  • The large footprint of the mount distributes forces over a large area reducing the risk of damage to the plane during hard landings and crashes.

  • A 4° thrust angle is machined into the mount. (see the note tab)

    Fits many different motors.

    • Max motor diameter: 30.25mm
    • Motor bolt pattern: 16mm x 16mm to 22mm x 22mm
    • Shaft clearance hole: 11.0mm
    • Motor fastener size: M3 (not included)
    • Weight: 2.2 oz
    • Installation fasteners: Stainless Steel Phillip Pan Head
    • Mount and brackets: Anodized Aluminum
    • Pressed in Nuts: Stainless #4-40 thru hole

    The kit includes:
    • Qty 1 - 28mm motor mount
    • Qty 2 - upper brackets
    • Qty 1 - lower bracket with pressed in nuts
    • All necessary fasteners to install the mount on an un-fiber glassed Stryker. Fiberglassed Strykers will need longer fasteners. The length will depend on how thick the fiberglass is.

    E-flite Six Series
    Turnigy 2836

    ParkZone F-27C Stryker

    This mount has a positive 4° thrust angle machined into it.

    This is about 2° more than the stock mount.

    This thrust angle was created because at this angle the elevons are out of the jet stream making the initial setup much easier.

    This mount is intended to be a platform for you to customize. The 4° thrust angle is a good starting point.

    The thrust angle can be adjusted to approximately negative 2.4° by installing different thickness washers under the leading fasteners. Thrust angles will vary depending on each planes setup.

    The 4° angle is in no way intended to be the correct angle for every setup. You must determine the correct angle for your plane.

    Custom RC Parts flies both of their Strykers with the thrust angle at 4°.

    The 28mm mount is used in these instructions. All other mounts are installed the same way.


    Here are the items that you will receive in your motor mount kit.
    • Motor Mount
    • 2X Upper Brackets
    • Lower Bracket
    • 2X #4-40 X 3/4 Phillip Pan Head Fasteners
    • 6X #4-40 X 5/8 Phillip Pan Head Fasteners
    • 2X #4-40 X 1/2 Phillip Pan Head Fasteners
    • 4X #4-40 X 3/8 Phillip Pan Head Fasteners



    It's a good idea to use some sort of thread retention on fasteners. Permatex medium strength blue or Loctite 242 work well.

    CAUTION: Do not use too much. Just a few threads are all you need.


    Using the 4X #4-40 X 3/8 Phillip Pan Head fasteners install the motor mount on the upper brackets as shown.
    Tighten the fasteners just enough to hold the brackets, but loose enough so you can still move the brackets.


    Set the upper brackets and motor mount on the lower bracket as shown.
    Move the upper brackets as necessary to align all 8 fastener holes.
    Once the holes are aligned, carefully tighten the 4 motor mount screws.
    Recheck the alignment to ensure nothing moved.


    Set the upper brackets and motor mount on the fuselage as shown. Ensure the motor mount is placed square to the fuselage. Using the holes in the upper brackets use a toothpick, small allen wrench or drill bit carefully poke holes through the fuselage. Be careful not to chunk foam out on the bottom of the fuselage.


    Remove the upper brackets and motor mount and flip the fuselage over. Align the pressed in nuts with the holes punched in the previous step. Push the pressed in nuts into the fuselage.


    While holding the lower bracket in place, flip the fuselage back over. Set the upper brackets and motor mount on the fuselage. Install the fasteners as shown in the picture. Do not force the fasteners. If resistance is felt, remove the fastener and check for foam that may be blocking the hole. Only screw the fasteners in about 3 turns. You may need to squeeze the brackets together to get the fastener to align with the nut.


    Flip the plane back over and loosely install the remaining 2 #4-40 X 5/8 fasteners.
    Tighten the 8 fasteners on the top of the fuselage until the upper and lower brackets contact the fuselage. Do not over tighten! You do not need to smash the fuselage. There should be about 1/16" space from the end of the fasteners to the face of the nut. Now tighten the remaining 2 fasteners on the bottom of the fuselage until they just touch the bracket then go 1/2 turn more.


    The leading edge of the mount should fit nicely as shown. The trailing edge will have a small gap between the lower bracket and fuselage. Notice that the bracket is not smashed into the fuselage.
    You may need to tighten the fasteners from time to time.

    Check the plane's CG before flying.

    Motor mount to motor fastener information:
    The face of the motor mount is:
    28mm .075"
    36mm .100"
    36mm Mega .100"
    Add this length to the manufacturers recommended thread engagement depth.